Saturday, July 29, 2017

I finally got hand!

This has been a tough year health-wise.

I’ve remained in great spirits but my brain and body just haven’t been connecting in recent months.

Not being able to tie your shoes, button your shirt or cut your own steak can be frustrating and a bit humiliating ­­­­- but I’m ecstatic to report that it appears I’ve overcome my latest exacerbation.

I’m not sure what I’ll call my latest flare-up: numb left hand?  But, numb just doesn’t accurately describe it.  I can feel things.  When I pet my dog with my left hand, I see he is a dog and know what he should feel like but with my left hand it feels like a rough surface, not soft fur.  And that’s whether I’m petting our pup, washing my hair or holding a glass, they all feel odd.  And, when this sensation was at its worst, I was unable to grip anything with my left hand, too.

It was as if somebody had put a cast over my left hand – it no longer felt part of my body.

But, as of today, I’ve recovered about 90% usage of it.  It’s not perfect, I still feel the constant tingles all over my hand – but I can grip with it, get dressed and even cut my meat.  And thankfully, I can now type with both hands again!

Over the past couple months, my focus has been on:

ü  Physical therapy – performing hand exercises, at least three times a day.  I had to stare at my hand to make sure I was actually doing them, because sometimes I couldn’t even feel if I was opening and closing my hand.

ü  I always tried to use my left hand, even when it wasn’t needed.  I’d use my left hand more to try and pick something up, open a door, etc.  I call this my “use it or lose it” mentality.

ü  Not stressing about my hand.  Meditating.  Or, as I like to joke, I just tried to “will it away”.

Are these the reasons why my hand has improved?  Perhaps.  Or maybe it was always meant to only last two months.  I know I can’t “will” MS away, but I like to think it helps.

I feel ya, George.  I finally got hand again, too...both of them!


  1. There IS power in POSITIVE thinking! Congrats my fellow MSwarrior!��

    1. Agreed...and thank you, Dawn. Much appreciated! :)


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