Saturday, May 13, 2017

9 Year Diagnosisversary™

Nine years ago today, I was in beautiful Rochester, Minnesota. 

I'd spent a few days during the previous week undergoing several tests at The Mayo Clinic.  They quickly determined I did not have Crohn's Disease - which I was originally misdiagnosed with in Texas...until my GI doctor, discouraged by the extent of my symptoms, referred me to the Mayo Clinic for a second opinion .

But, if it wasn't Crohn's, what was the answer?

As we waited for test results, my wife and I spent the weekend in nearby Minneapolis. 

We enjoyed the company of my Aunt and wife took in the Mall of America while my Uncle took me fishing in Wisconsin (Fishing, post-spinal tap, probably not one of my wisest decisions...but one I stand proudly behind.  I was not going to sulk in my pain after that invasive procedure, instead I chose to spend it enjoying life.)

So then on the following Tuesday, May 13th, the grand mystery that led us on this medical "vacation" finally came to an end with a clear diagnosis: Multiple Sclerosis.

They also determined some other oddities about my health:  my stomach processes food faster than 99% of the general population (which was probably the red herring that caused my Crohn's misdiagnosis).

Since they viewed my stomach as so unique, The Mayo Clinic doctors requested I stay a few extra days to have more tests done and be part of a study.

We had already been there more than a week...

I politely declined.  I was "tested" out and just wanted to get back home.

I wrote about how and why I recognize my Diagnosisversary™  here, if you'd like to check it out.

Nine years.  Wow.  Carpe diem, because time flies, even more so when you are living with multiple sclerosis!
In all my post-spinal tap glory...

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