Thursday, March 30, 2017

When You Have MS, You Can't Live Without...?

"...Adjust, adapt, and abide — that's my motto. It's not easy, and it's not without quite a few bruises, some tears, and a whole lot of needles (ha). Living with MS, I have no idea what tomorrow might bring, let alone 30 seconds from now, and I can't imagine riding this crazy roller coaster of MS without my family by my side.”

Read more of my answer here - and see what many other's with MS said as well.

And many thanks to Healthline for all the help they provide the MS community; I'm flattered they asked to hear my thoughts!


  1. Thanks for sharing and your blog! As a noob MS-er, I'm *so* thankful for my online #MSFamily!

    1. Thank you, buddy - much appreciated! And the feeling is mutual #MSFamily


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