Saturday, February 4, 2017

76 Things #24: Wet Feet

Have you ever stepped in a puddle while walking through your house?

Maybe one of your pets left a “present”, or your kiddo spilled water – whatever the reason, it’s an unpleasant feeling.  If you are barefoot, you dry yourself…and if you were wearing socks, then you put on a new pair.

It’s a great feeling to put on a fresh, dry pair of socks.  I probably do it at least 3-4 times a day.  But it’s not because I keep stepping in water; rather, the feeling of “wet feet” is another unfortunate symptom of my multiple sclerosis.

So, for me, that feeling of warmth and comfort after putting on a new pair of socks is a fleeting one and within hours, or even minutes, my feet start to feel like they are wet, as if I was standing in a big puddle.
Going barefoot isn’t an option; I previously wrote about my need for socks – without them, my feet feel like two ice blocks.

When this symptom first started, I thought I was losing my mind.  I blamed the dog, my kids, my clumsiness – something had to be the cause of my feet constantly getting wet!  

I’d sit there and fruitlessly attempt to dry my feet – even now, I still have to double-check with my wife from time to time, just to make sure my feet truly aren’t wet.

The sensation of “wet feet” – it’s the #24 thing you might not know about (my) MS.

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