Thursday, February 23, 2017

76 Things #25: Hanging with Trash

What's one of your pet peeves?

Somebody that drives too slow in the fast lane?  Chews with their mouth open?  Cuts in line?

We all have them, nobody in this world is immune to being irritated by small and seemingly innocuous situations.

As for myself, one of my biggest pet peeves is one that started to get under my skin only 6 or 7 years ago. 

I had accepted the reality that standing for an extended period of time was too painful.  If I tried "toughing it out", I'd only make the next couple hours (or even days) unbearable.

So I started sitting.  Out shopping with the family?  Time to go find a bench.  Out for a walk with the family in a park?  Good idea to find a nice resting place to rest and re-charge.

What I quickly learned, though was whether at a mall or park, most benches are situated next to....the trash.

Why?  Is this taught on the first day of City/Park Planning 101?  Remember students, wherever you put a bench is also great place to put the trash can!  Nothing says, "comfort" like the smell of 3 day old Taco Bell!

My complaint is a bit tongue-in-cheek because, let's be honest, there are more important things to worry about.

But, the next time I'm sitting on a bench resting my leg, I'd love it if the odor of garbage wasn't in the air....or I wasn't constantly waving away the flies and bees that usually find their way to the smelly and sticky receptacle.

The next time you are at a public place with benches, observe for yourself...most of them are right next to a trash can.  A pungent lesson I learned and the #25 thing you might not know about (my) MS.

Yum, the sweet smell of....trash

Thursday, February 16, 2017

An Exciting Honor!

The best part of writing about living with MS has been the connections I've made with others across the country and world.

I love hearing from other folks that have MS, know a loved one with it or are just curious about the disease.

That's why I write.  To raise awareness and understanding of Multiple Sclerosis.

It's been a "slow boil", as I tell my wife.  My energy isn't always there and I generally dislike 90% of the stories that I start...the other 10% get posted.

I'm working on producing more; my dream is to have a steady stream of content on my website to help spread the word about being a spouse, parent, friend and person with MS.

In the near future, I hope to start podcasting my stories or just about life in general.

So it was with much excitement that I learned today that my blog was featured in Top 100 Blogs - wow, what a honor!

Check it out here, if you'd like - - and please share my blog/stories about MS with others.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

76 Things #24: Wet Feet

Have you ever stepped in a puddle while walking through your house?

Maybe one of your pets left a “present”, or your kiddo spilled water – whatever the reason, it’s an unpleasant feeling.  If you are barefoot, you dry yourself…and if you were wearing socks, then you put on a new pair.

It’s a great feeling to put on a fresh, dry pair of socks.  I probably do it at least 3-4 times a day.  But it’s not because I keep stepping in water; rather, the feeling of “wet feet” is another unfortunate symptom of my multiple sclerosis.

So, for me, that feeling of warmth and comfort after putting on a new pair of socks is a fleeting one and within hours, or even minutes, my feet start to feel like they are wet, as if I was standing in a big puddle.
Going barefoot isn’t an option; I previously wrote about my need for socks – without them, my feet feel like two ice blocks.

When this symptom first started, I thought I was losing my mind.  I blamed the dog, my kids, my clumsiness – something had to be the cause of my feet constantly getting wet!  

I’d sit there and fruitlessly attempt to dry my feet – even now, I still have to double-check with my wife from time to time, just to make sure my feet truly aren’t wet.

The sensation of “wet feet” – it’s the #24 thing you might not know about (my) MS.

Friday, February 3, 2017

MS Fatigue - a Theory

Thought this was an interesting video that might explain why so many of us with MS suffer from awful (and constant) fatigue.

You know how when you get the flu, you are usually incredibly tired and can't get out of bed? Your body is telling you to rest, so you can get better and overcome whatever sickness you have. For those with MS, unfortunately, that's how we are always feeling.

Our brain, led by the mitochondria, has almost convinced our body that we are sick and need that rest.
Just one theory - thought it was worth sharing!
Click here to see video!

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