Saturday, January 28, 2017

76 Things #23: Slippin' Away

Walk into your kitchen and pour yourself a glass of water to drink.

As you quench your thirst, hold that glass up high and consider how many different physical actions you just performed.

Walking, opening a cupboard, grabbing the glass, filling it with water and holding the glass as you drank it.  In each case, your brain was communicating by sending signals throughout your body.  It happens within a split second:  Right foot move, left foot move, arm raise up, hand grab glass, etc.

Since I have MS, sometimes those signals don't go through.  Scar tissue, known as "lesions", have formed on certain areas of my brain and spinal cord and these prevent my brain from communicating smoothly with various areas of my body.

Which brings us back to that glass of water you are holding. 

Sometimes, I'm having a rather normal day, holding a cup of water and the next moment I'm surrounded by broken pieces of glass. 

It happens incredibly fast.  One moment I have total control of my functions, the next moment the signals from my brain to my body hits a road block, my hand loses it grip and the drink falls to the ground.

It's frustrating and embarrassing but part of life with multiple sclerosis.  The #23 thing you might not know about (my) MS.


  1. I m afraid is not the only thing cracking. ..
    When you live with ms.
    Sometimes we can feel our relationships be smashed. Sad thing because we are so sensitive emotionally too.
    And in this area there is no plastic cup for alternative.
    Thank you ...

    1. Very well said...there is no plastic cup alternative for that. Sending healthy wishes your way!


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