Friday, November 11, 2016

76 Things #20: Missing out on something special

When I was diagnosed, our first child, Vincent, was only 17 months old.

It was in May of 2008 and I learned I had MS at The Mayo Clinic, near the end of a week-long stay in Minnesota.

My parents took care of Vincent while my wife and I made the trip up to the Mayo.  While we were there – the week I was diagnosed with MS – Vincent finally learned to walk.

It was disappointing to miss that special moment (luckily, my parents were there to witness and chronicle it)….but, at the same time, it also highlighted to me how beautiful life is.

While we were away, our little son kept growing.  Even as I was getting poked and prodded in Minnesota, life went on.  And so would mine, too.

It was an important discovery - I wasn’t diagnosed with MS, my family was.

I had that realization early on when we – my wife and I – missed out on the first time our son was able to walk by himself.  Because of this, it’s been important to me to avoid having MS dictate to my family what direction we take next. 

Yes, sometimes it produces some sizable potholes or forces some unfortunate detours (missing our kiddos events, trips are planned around my energy level, various doctor’s appointments, etc.) - but I don't want MS to rule our hearts and mind – because no matter what impediment we are faced with, no dream should be out of reach.

Me and Vincent - about a month before I went to the Mayo Clinic

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