Friday, September 9, 2016

76 Things #19: The Face Slap

I miss having energy.

I really do.

It's embarrassing to admit, but even just taking a shower or shaving my face wears me out.

Life with MS requires a lot of rest.  It also means that I have to push do anything.

Read with the kiddos. A trip to the grocery store. Date night with the wife.

Coffee helps wake me up but there is only so much caffeine can do. I've tried "5 Hour Energy" but I was actually *more* tired after taking it!

There's also some prescribed medication that I take...and it's a big help, but unfortunately it only raises me to the level of "just able to function".

When I was working, often before big meetings, you'd find me in the washroom throwing cold water on my face. It was then, as I stood looking in the mirror...trying to find something - anything - to give me a boost...that I started slapping my face.

Yes, slapping my face.

Even at home I’d be doing it.  Many times, as my wife is driving our family somewhere…I'll be in the passenger's seat, lightly slapping my face. We both grin in amusement as I attempt to slap the MS out of me.

Does it work?

I like to think it gives me just enough spark to get through whatever I'm facing next....but I never really thought much about it - other than just a silly inside joke with my wife and I - until last month when the Olympics were on.

I can't remember the specific event, but it was a gold medal race....and as the runners lined up, the camera panned through the various competitors as the announcers provided each of their background and additional commentary.

And... <slap>.

Wait, did I just see that?


Yes, it happened again.

Some of the racers were slapping themselves in the face!

My wife and I started laughing, saying they were "doing my move" but before we knew it, we started seeing it at a lot of different events throughout the games – Olympic champions were pumping themselves up by slapping their faces! 

I'm not sure if it made a difference in their performance but it was fun to see them going through the same preparations that I've tried....I might have MS, but I also apparently have the spirit and drive of an Olympian, too!

The Face Slap is the #19 thing you might not know about (my) MS.

Cate Campbell, one of the many Olympians that gave themselves a wake-up "slap" before the start of their race

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