Friday, July 15, 2016

Dog Days of MS Summer

Our kiddos are at an age that make family vacations a blast.  Tiring?  Oh yes.  Drama?  Of course.  Bruises, sweat and tears?  We got it all!

But any negatives are far outweighed by the magical moments we shared - I can't put a price on how truly special they were.

The drama is forgotten (or laughed about), bruises heal and tears dry...but the tiredness remains.

This is our first full week back from our trip to Minnesota and I'm still recovering from our wonderful journey.  The aching bones, tingles, shooting pain and blurred vision all occur a little more and longer than usual.  And my energy level is so depleted - the orange light is shining bright on "E" - but life goes on...and I struggle to keep up.

It's probably not all travel related.  It could be the blazing summer sun.  Heat is not kind to those of us with MS and its already reached the point of the summer where I'm dreaming of the cooler temperatures of October.

Also, my wife started a new job.  It's brought lots of excitement to her and our family but also slight changes in our family life.  New logistics to be worked out - they aren't major - but it also doesn't take much for my body to push back and remind me that I'm living with multiple sclerosis (even just a trip out to the mailbox causes a reminder!)

I view the upcoming weekend with excitement but also slight apprehension.  There are only six weekends left of summer to enjoy and I want to make each one count; but I'm also struggling to be the husband and father that I want to be.

It's the dog days of MS Summer and I can't help but dream of taking a permanent vacation far, far away from multiple sclerosis.

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