Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Biking for MS Down Under

Multiple sclerosis isn't an easy disease to understand (or pronounce.) 

In addition, most of my symptoms have been "invisible" so - if you know me - I look about the same as I always have.  And if you just met me, there is nothing about my appearance or manners that would suggest I'm living with MS.
There are more unknowns than what is known about multiple sclerosis and/or the future progression of my MS.  It can be an uneasy world to navigate...never quite sure what tomorrow will bring.

What I do know is that I'm blessed with a caring, wonderful family and incredibly supportive friends.

Friends that have joined me at the the Walk MS Event here in San Antonio or that have taken part in walk or bike events across the country....and even across the world!

My good friends Paul and Heather live in Australia and this year took part in the MS Melbourne Cycle, a 50k ride to raise money and awareness for MS (you can check out Heather's page here.)  It's Paul's 5th year riding and Heather's 1st.

I met Heather in college, almost 22 years ago.  And here we are now, almost 9k miles apart but connected by my multiple sclerosis.

In the spirit of MS Awareness Month, I wanted to say a special thank-you to my friends Down Under and to all of my friends and family for everything they've done since my diagnosis in 2008.

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