Wednesday, July 15, 2015

It's a socks world and I'm just living in it

I get regular updates from where Dr. Julie Stachowiak often writes/blogs about her life with MS and today she had an entry about "Hot Feet and Multiple Sclerosis". You can read about it here.

What I found most interesting is that I get the opposite sensations in my feet.

I believe I've mentioned my abundance of sock in the past - no matter how hard I try, it's nearly impossible to keep my feet feeling warm and dry. Not only is my sock drawer overflowing, but I also have a pair of slippers for the upstairs and for the downstairs.

If my clothed feet even come in the slightest contact with the cool tile in our kitchen, or upstairs Master Bathroom, then I can feel a chill overcoming my feet and usually have to change into a new pair of socks to overcome this uncomfortable feeling (thus I’m usually wearing socks and slippers around the house).

Also, I'm routinely befuddled by a sensation of wetness on my feet. It literally feels like I stepped in a puddle of water and my socks/feet are soaked...I can't resist checking to make sure they are dry (they are) and often I am required to change into a fresh pair of socks just to try and lose the sensation. Sometimes that works, sometimes not...

I rarely wear flip-flops anymore...if I do wear them for any extended period of time, then my feet end up freezing - even if it's in the middle of a Texas summer.

Dr. Julie also references a burning sensation and that is something I (unfortunately) do get in my feet and hands. As comical as it might sound, there are times when my feet are overwhelmed with sensations of cold, wet and burning pain.

My weekly usage of socks..

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  1. I love this story. Just recently found your blog via MS Connections.
    In the old days (pre MS), I always had cold feet in the winter and okay temp feet in the summer. There really wasn't a Spring or Fall for my feet! Now, my left foot is usually hot and my right foot is usually cold. This is absurd and kind of a pain to deal with. I actually went to my PCP and a cardiologist to make sure everything is okay. It is. I guess my brain just sends mixed messages!


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