Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The "Fat Time of Day"

Been going through some of my Mom's old stuff...and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that she enjoyed archiving special newspaper/magazine editions as much as myself.
As I was gently reading through her "Man On The Moon", July 25th, 1969 "Time Magazine" (quite the special edition!) my Mom had stashed away, this caught my eye:


This was literally on page 3 of a national publication - one of the premier magazines back in 1969 (you know, back before the internet and smart phones). If Neil Armstrong was demonstrating a giant leap for mankind, this advertisement had the American public stumbling a few sugar-induced steps backward.
I quickly went from chuckling at the notion of a "fat time of day" to wondering...what will folks be thinking, 46 years from now, when they read or hear about the health advice that our generation currently heeds?
It's humorous to recall that, back in the 1700s, most of Europe viewed the tomato as poisonous...and troubling to consider that up until the end of the 18th century bloodletting was relatively common form of medical treatment.
Science and medicine have come a long way from those days and I suspect that in the year 2061 a Wentink relative of mine will look back, with amusement, on some of the periodicals that I've kept from our era.
...anyway, I hope you enjoy this entertaining flashback to the summer of 1969!

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