Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Prelude to #9....

Last week, I got together with some former colleagues from USAA.  I attended a luncheon hosted by the President of USAA’s Bank. He is leaving the company and he held this event to commemorate the time he spent on the Finance team.
Not long after I joined the Bank Finance team – and before I moved to Bank Product Management – he became the Bank’s Senior Financial Officer.  I was fortunate to work under his leadership and came to see him as a friend and mentor, in addition to the head guy.

Right around the time I progressed into Product Management was when he ascended to Bank President.  About a year later, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.
I owe him – and many of the other leaders of the Bank and USAA, especially my manager at the time – a great deal of gratitude for the warmth and understanding they displayed towards my illness.

It was as new for me as it was for them.  My job required a great deal of face-to-face interaction with areas around the Bank and USAA which makes the flexibility they provided that much more remarkable.
They allowed me to work from home three days a week, my business trips were greatly reduced and it was understood (and encouraged) that work took a backseat to treatments and doctor appointments to treat my MS.

Many of the folks that were invited to this luncheon still work at USAA so I was flattered by the invite and gracious to still be considered part of the team!

….and, my experience at the lunch last week leads me to the #9 thing you might not know about (my) MS.

 Come back on Monday to read about it!


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