Sunday, June 8, 2014

76 Things: #6 - Follow-up

Regarding my handicap placard and my reluctance to use is a story from California:

There might have been other extenuating circumstances involved, but the overall theme is what I point to...this individual didn't "look" like he was disabled and this caused suspicion on the part of the park employee.

Please note - I've never experienced anything like this, but this certainly is a worry that goes through my head every time we do park in a handicap space.  Ok, not to the extreme of getting arrested but certainly to the point of others casting doubt on my use of the handicap space.

We don't have a handicap license plate, only the placard (like the individual in this story).  On good days (for example, when I don't go out with my cane), to the casual observer I don't appear disabled.

So, thought I'd pass the link along.  Check it out if you'd like and hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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