Sunday, February 2, 2014

76 Things: #5

An essay of mine will be published in "Something On Our Minds", the 2nd volume of an eclectic anthology of prose and poetry, written and composed by people with MS.

No poetry (this time) but I did re-purpose an entry that I had written last year to be included in the book, which will be released sometime in the Spring of 2014.

In the Fall of 2013, the originator of the 1st volume had reached out to me (via this blog), thanking and commending me on my writing and querying my desire to contribute a piece to their 2nd volume.

Flattered and honored are obvious adjectives to insert here...but most of all, I'm ecstatic for the opportunity to extend my reach for raising awareness and understanding of multiple sclerosis.

I'll be sure to provide more details on the book as they are available!

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