Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Here's to 2014

Happy New Year to everyone!!

I'm just now coming out from under my Decemberfest/New Year's rock...each year, right after Thanksgiving, our family enters a very active period we joyfully call "Decemberfest" (my wife even makes annual shirts to commemorate it).

As with most people, December can be a busy time…visiting family, celebrating the holidays, parties, travelling, Christmas, New Years, etc. and at the Wentink house, we throw three birthdays into that mix.  My wife’s birthday is in early December, I’m five days before Christmas and then our son Vincent was born on Christmas day.

As it (thankfully) works out, my IVIG treatment is the week after my wife’s birthday and the week right before mine.  The week in between I spend two days at the infusion center and then the following 3-4 days after I’m at home recovering.

MS isn’t quite the cherry on top of all of these festivities but it can’t be ignored.  There are many variables I can’t control about the progression of my disease…and it can be frustrating that so much can be out of my control.

But where we can manage my health, we do.  So, although it is Decemberfest, getting rest is still important.  So is eating well, trying to keep the stress to a minimum, etc.  Pretty standard goals that most of us strive for but I feel almost compelled to achieve. 

I don’t have to attend every party or go all Clark Griswold with the Christmas lights.  Most shopping (for birthdays and Christmas) is done from the comfort of my home office (thank you, Amazon.com!)  I feel there is a thin line I’m walking each day, trying to keep my balance and not slip into “Relapseville”…and during the holidays or other busy times in our lives, that line is even thinner but the consequences remain just the same. 

Please check back tomorrow for the #4 Thing You Didn’t Know About (My) MS – and again, happy 2014!

My wife does it all....even make shirts!

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