Wednesday, January 15, 2014

76 Things: #4

Most of the new shoes I own don’t have laces.

Back when I’d wake up, get dressed and go into work, I found myself having great difficulty tying my shoes in the morning.

You know how you wake up and sometimes your arm or hand is asleep?  That is most mornings for me but instead of just feeling asleep, my hands feel like they went twelve rounds in a championship level boxing match (which I clearly lost).  They are sore, noticeably swollen and discolored (red and splotchy) and – worst of all – feel like hundreds of sharp little needles are dancing all over them (an acupuncturist gone wild).

I try everything to mask the discomfort, but the most effective remedy has been time.  Just waiting it out…usually within a few hours the pain subsides and my hands and fingers are once again functionable.

But for that first hour or so, extra precaution is required and something as simple as holding my coffee mug turns into a bad sitcom bit (awesomely bad, of course) with plenty of stumbling and bumbling…the only thing missing is the laugh track to this recurring episode (I’ll work on the title, too).

Buttoning my dress shirts for work was no easy feat, either (the cuffs were rather problematic and my wife would help with those)….but the worst was trying to tie my shoes.  So, our solution was to avoid the laces all together and a lot of my new dress and more casual shoes – much to the chagrin of GQ I’m sure - are laceless. 
Did you see the latest episode of "Mike With MS"?  Hilarious!

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