Friday, December 13, 2013

76 Things #3

It's been an exciting few weeks....Thanksgiving, my wife's birthday and now my treatment week so outside of the festivities (and then going to get my IVIG infusion on Monday and Tuesday,) its been hard to find the energy for most things, including writing.

But starting to feel a little better now, so the #3 thing you may or may not know about (my) MS:

Originally, doctors thought I had Crohn's disease.  I covered this in a previous post here but thought this was worth mentioning again because:
  • It's been almost five years since I wrote that article about the long and winding road to learning I had multiple sclerosis.
  • My journey of confusion, uncertainty and even a wrong diagnosis is actually a common theme woven into the stories of many others with MS, too.
There was a trip to the emergency room (while our friends, the Allards were visiting, no less.) and was admitted to the hospital for a week as they tried to figure out what was ailing me.

If there is a GI procedure out there, I had it done.  For a few months, I was even taking a daily medication, Pentasa.  Eight pills a day.  Eight!!  And these were healthy sized pills; my wife and I used to call them my "horse pills".

In the Spring of 2008, after I started having vision problems, my GI doctor agreed a 2nd opinion was necessary and reached out to The Mayo Clinic and that is where I was first diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

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