Wednesday, November 27, 2013

76 Things: #2

As of today, my Hyundai Genesis (which I bought new, in early 2009) - courtesy of (my) MS -  has been driven only 16,591 miles.

Comparably, according to the U.S. Department of Transprotation, the average *annual* miles another male, in my age range, would put on their car is 18,858 miles -- 14% higher than I've driven my Genesis in almost five years!

There are many contributing factors as to why I've driven so little, most of which will be covered in future "Things."

I'm blessed to have such a patient and wonderful wife, who doesn't mind being the primary driver in our family.  This has not been an easy transition for me. Back in the day, I took great pride in being the "driver"; whether it was a 1/2 day trek or just a trip to the local grocery store.

I'm not sure how she does it, especially since she doesn't have XM radio.  In fact, I don't know how anyone survives the steady stream of commercials and repetitive play list that hasn't been updated since 1993 (and not the fun kind of repetition, i.e. The Proclaimers from "How I Met Your Mother).

Enjoy the link (in bold, above) and Happy Thanksgiving!!

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