Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mike's MS Musings

Holiday weekend for thee, next treatment coming up for me.

That's the easy way out...feeling sorry for myself that first thing Tuesday morning (since Monday is a holiday) I'll be at the infusion center to start another two days of IVIG. My bones are cold and achy, a sign that my body is expecting its refill. I struggle to find the energy to play with the kids...or even shave. A loud noise here or a minor stressful situation there causes my vision to flicker on and off. Constant nausea. There is no position that is comfortable, pain relief medicine is useless and hot coffee provides no bump to my energy (although it does help a little, warming my body).

But it's Memorial Day weekend. A weekend to honor those that have fallen protecting our nation. Makes my aches and pains seem a little silly, no? But whether it is Memorial Day, Labor Day or any holiday weekend, the dark cloud of MS is always lingering nearby.

In school, career or even baking, I've always liked challenges. Why waste my time baking simple brownies when I can make sticky toffee pudding instead? So instead of wallowing in self-pity (which I admit, has its allure), I prefer to view all of this for what it is - a challenge. MS is taunting me to not have a Clark Griswoldian holiday weekend. To that, I say - bring it on.

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