I know the feeling all too well…and I dread waking up in it. 

One time, in a dream, I could even sense it happening.  I forced my eyes open…and, sure enough, I was right.

I was drenched in sweat.

As it has become custom, I rise, dry myself off, change clothes, lay down a towel where I was sleeping and (hope) to get back to sleep.

My reaction hasn’t always been that methodical.  This started over a decade ago, well before I was even diagnosed with MS.  Night sweats were just another random issue to add my long list of medical question marks.  Most doctors I saw were puzzled by them occurring…and so was I.

I still don’t know what causes these night sweats.  I’ve ruled out room temperature, my clothing or the time of night I go to sleep.

Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. My latest, "Turn the Page", is now posted by the National MS Society.


Muscle and body aches

Shooting head pains

Loss of taste and smell


Mental confusion

These are some of the symptoms of COVID-19.

Pretty cool article about MS and how it impacts our brains.  Also included, at the end, is a quote from me about "brain fog".

I wrote a haiku to honor my 12 year Diagnosisversary because...why not?  Hope you enjoy!!

It has been twelve years

Since I learned I have MS

What a ride its been

May, Two-Thousand-Eight

George W.




For the past twelve years, I've been trying to live by those words. This mantra is not a vaccine to our current pandemic, but I think it can only help.

I love Leap Day.

Or, to be more specific, I love the concept of it.

Every four years, you are gifted twenty-four extra hours.

How to spend that extra time?

Sleep?  Try out a new hobby? Learn a magic trick?  Read that book you’ve been meaning to?  Binge watch a new TV show?  Take the dog for two walks?  Go on a new adventure with the family?  Re-watch a Super Bowl from the Washington Redskins’ glory days?  

Ok, maybe that last one is a little me-centric…but, the possibilities remain endless.

Is it possible to be both hot and cold at the same time?

I can say with 100 percent certainty that the answer to that question is:  Absolutely yes!

I’ve previously written about my overabundance of socks because my feet are usually cold.  It’s a bizarre sensation caused by my MS…but it’s not just my feet that incur this sensation – it’s also my hands.

More specifically, my fingers.

On any given day, or about 75 percent of the time, the tips of my fingers are cold.

Last year, Art Alexakis (from the band Everclear) announced to his fans that he was diagnosed with MS.  I previously posted about it here.

During the Fall of 2019, he released his debut solo single, "Hot Water Test."

Per Mr. Alexakis:

This song is about my MS diagnosis. The reason I called it The Hot Water Test is because back in the ‘40s and ‘50s, before they knew how to diagnose MS, the only way they could diagnose it is knowing that people w/ MS had a very acute sensitivity to heat.

"And where do you work?"

Over the past month I've been posed this question many times.

Whether it was at holiday parties, new introductions, etc., I always try and keep my response brief or light..even though there is nothing light about writing about living with multiple sclerosis.

So my answer sometimes feels like I'm lobbing an "MS Grenade" out there.